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What is Superuser?


Why LG Flash Tool Download?

Superuser is the tiny professional application for rooted Smartphone and Tablet. Once you root the handset and download Superuser, it starts manage the whole frame in a better manner. Since this is not a direct rooting application, you should use some other utility to firstly turn the handset a rooted to bring the super user level support there. Root permission means partly qualified for administrative level privileges unless you have Superuser.

How to manage all with download Superuser?

As often you know, when a device become rooted, it widely expose than with prior non-root status. Thus, a user should take care of each corner of the structure though you are able to reach whatever tool, app or game without any barrier. While you cannot supervise the system customarily, Superuser must be there to handle every situation and arrange things order behind all your root-only installation. Throughout, you are capable to temporarily undo the status and that we habitually call unroot to bring back root status whenever you want.

Download the Latest Version of Superuser

The most recent version 3.1.3 of Superuser can be downloaded for free throughout respective resources. While binary is slower than the apk, it mostly acclaim to have Superuser apk. Here is the changelogs of the latest version and that you will acquire.


Superuser app as well has a couple of limitations. To make compatible your handset, confirm it is Android 1.6 or any higher version. And for a better support, those who are with Android 2.0 and over are the only supportive handsets to request the recent version of download Superuser.


All you have to confirm is your Android version and the root permission to set up Superuser apk download.

How to use Superuser?

Video Guide to Superuser

Developer Credits

Famed XDA member ChainsDD goes all credits for developing and offering the app Superuser for a better management in aimed at rooted android handsets.